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5G look here, enter the global double Gigabit first district
5G look here, enter the global double Gigabit first district
5G look here, enter the global double Gigabit first district

On September 10th, the world's first comprehensive 5G application showcase and joint venture platform, “5G Global Innovation Port”, officially opened in Hong Kong on the North Bund Riverside.
“5G Global Innovation Port” has gathered 5G high-end industry and industry partners, and demonstrated the most cutting-edge 5G technology, Lianchuang platform and scene application, etc., to accelerate the industry and digital through the landing of Shanghai 5G “Double Gigabit Broadband City”. The transformation of economic wisdom has fully stimulated the vitality of Shanghai's science and technology economy.

Let us now enter the innovation port and experience the most cutting-edge 5G technology and application innovation.

Top 10 5G applications

5G+ Smart Finance: Let the “bank” get out of the bank
The construction bank Hongkou North Bund Branch introduced the first remote intelligent teller machine in Shanghai using 5G dual Gigabit, AI and other technologies to provide customers with one-to-one, low-latency cloud remote interactive services, which can realize the function of outlets to the community.

5G+ Smart Retail: No feeling of payment, take it and leave
Through the 5G network, the customer shopping behavior information collected by the front-end camera is transmitted to the back-end visual computing system, and the fun-loving supermarket realizes the “snake-and-go” shopping service experience.

5G+ smart medical care: “moving the emergency room” to the ambulance
Utilizing 5G large bandwidth and low latency capability, Shanghai First People's Hospital moved the emergency room to a 5G ambulance, allowing patients to “get on the train”. At the same time, City One Hospital and Shanghai Mobile have established the 5G Smart Medical Joint Innovation Center, and are actively exploring applications such as AR/VR, pre-hospital first aid, remote consultation, remote surgery guidance, and remote ultrasound linkage based on 5G environment.

5G+Smart Education: Double Teacher Class, Remote Sharing
Taking advantage of the 5G dual-gigabit technology, the Middle East School and the Yunshi Daqiu North Attachment broke through the geographical boundaries and realized the remote sharing of quality education resources.

5G+Smart Public Security: Technology adds police force, 5G helps security
Based on 5G large bandwidth, low latency capability and new technologies such as AI, it can realize wider and faster face recognition, vehicle recognition, video lock, alarm warning, information sharing, etc., which can improve emergency command and scene. Disposal ability has formed a police three-dimensional patrol system with faster response, wider coverage and less police power consumption.

5G+ smart city management: real-time monitoring, instant linkage
With the 5G large bandwidth feature, high-definition panoramic cameras are installed on law enforcement patrol cars. Law enforcement officers wear law enforcement recorders, real-time monitoring and real-time linkage with the command center, effectively promoting 5G+ mobile law enforcement.

5G+ smart fire: brave fire, direct fire
The drone can hover to check the fire and photograph the details of the fire scene, and transmit it to the fire control center control system through the 5G network in real time, so as to accurately dispatch resources and select safe and efficient fire extinguishing methods.

5G+ smart site: “people” and “objects” online, real-time monitoring
The No. 78 plot in Hongkou District has comprehensively improved the collaborative management efficiency of the site's on-site schedule, safety, quality and cost through real-time diversified wisdom management of site entry personnel, material monitoring, 4K high-definition video surveillance.

5G+ Wisdom Party Building: Red Classic, Scene Reproduction
The Shanghai Hongkou District Science and Technology Party Construction Service Center uses the 5G+VR technology classroom to make the viewers experience better and the teaching more flexible and vivid.

5G+Smart Sports: Staying at home without being out of the house
The live broadcast is carried out by 5G+4K+VR technology, and the 360-degree high-definition event is presented, which gives the audience an experience of watching the game without leaving the house.

In addition, the Innovation Port also demonstrated 5G applications such as remote driving, VR games, 5G smart ports, and holographic projection.
5G+ medical treatment allows patients to get more timely treatment. 5G+ education allows children in remote areas to enjoy quality education. 5G+ consumption, 5G+ public security, 5G+ urban management make the city safer and more harmonious, 5G+ construction site, 5G+ long-distance driving make work more Efficient, 5G+ finance, 5G+ retail makes life more convenient, 5G+VR, 5G+ sports make entertainment more abundant... 5G is integrating with thousands of industries, improving people's quality of life, promoting industrial upgrading, and promoting social efficient and healthy development.

However, the rich 5G application is inseparable from the base support of the 5G basic network. The rapid application of the 5G application in Hongkou District is inseparable from the leading 5G solution provided by Shanghai Mobile and Huawei.

Meet the world's first Gigabit 5G line

Entering the door of the innovation port, it is the proud result of Shanghai Mobile and Huawei in the construction of 5G network.

The large-screen dashboard on the left shows the real-time 4G/5G measured rate of Shanghai Hongkou Boutique Network. The average download rate of 5G is 1.041Gbps, the average upload rate is 60.9Mbps, and the average download rate is more than 30 times that of 4G.

This boutique network, starting from the Innovation Port, has a total length of 3.6 kilometers and is the world's first Gbps download speed line.

At the beginning of 2019, Shanghai proposed to vigorously build a “double gigabit broadband city”. Since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G licenses in June 2019, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom have successively announced that Shanghai has become one of its important 5G commercial development cities, and actively responded to the “Double Gigabit Broadband City” proposed by the Shanghai Municipal Government. The strategy is to comprehensively carry out 5G network construction and boldly explore 5G scene applications to enhance the quality of life of ordinary people and accelerate the transformation of wisdom in various industries and digital economy.

By the end of August, the city had built 8,809 5G outdoor macro base stations, nearly 6,000 indoor small and micro stations, covering 598 buildings.

As the “global dual-gigabit broadband first zone”, Hongkou completed 610 5G base stations by the end of August, with a comprehensive completion rate of 106% and the highest base station density in the city. It is also the only city in the city to complete the annual construction goals of mobile, China Unicom and telecom 5G base stations. Administrative area. Among them, China Mobile has completed 333 5G base stations in Hongkou District, with an average station spacing of only 300 meters and the highest site density. The core area of ​​the North Bund achieves 5G signal coverage and the network speed is leading the world.