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Sales position

First, sales representative / sales engineer
Recruitment number: 3 people

1. Responsible for the market channel development and sales of products, and implement and complete the annual sales plan of the company's products;
2. According to the company's marketing strategy, increase sales value, expand sales of products in the area under charge, complete sales volume indicators on time, and expand product market share;
3. Completion of various business indicators issued by the company on time, quality and quantity, and obtain pre-set sales performance;
4. Maintain good communication with customers, maintain and develop new sales channels and new customers, and grasp customer needs in real time;
5. Collect potential customer data, understand and explore customer needs, and collect accounts receivable;
6. Complete other matters assigned by the company.

job requirements:
1. College degree or above, communication engineering, electronic information technology related major, more than 2 years sales experience in the communications industry;
2. Understand communication products, have the ability to analyze and grasp customers, and be good at maintaining and enhancing customer relationships;
3, good market feeling, good at mining and using resources;
4, has a strong sense of responsibility, can withstand greater work pressure, can accept a certain degree of business travel.

Second, the big account manager / business manager / sales manager
Recruitment number: 3 people

1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's power supply and wireless equipment products;
2. Responsible for the expansion of new customer business, maintaining and deepening the company's existing customer relationships, and actively promoting the sustainable development of the company's business;
3. Responsible for customer visits and sales of products or technical services, continuously develop the market and complete sales tasks;
4. Establish and maintain good customer relationships and continuously expand the breadth and depth of business;
5. Collect industry information and understand market and policy trends.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communication engineering or electronic information;
2, quick thinking, strong expression skills, strong communication skills and business negotiation skills;
3. Have a keen market analysis and judgment ability, familiar with the power industry, and have customer resources in the power industry are preferred;
4, has a strong sense of responsibility, can withstand greater work pressure, has a certain team management ability;
5, can accept a certain degree of business trips.

Third, sales director / marketing director
Recruitment number: 1 person

1. Formulate annual sales management plan and sales strategy plan, quantify annual sales target, decompose sales task indicators, formulate evaluation plan, design sales incentive policy, and return payment;
2. Control the balanced development of sales budget, sales expenses, sales scope and sales targets;
3. Actively explore new markets and new customers, maintain customer relationships, expand the market share of the company's business, and improve sales performance;
4. Responsible for the management and development of large and old customers, and in-depth tracking of customer needs;
5. Recruit, train, motivate, and evaluate subordinate employees, and assist subordinate employees to complete the task indicators issued;
6. Responsible for market information, customer demand collection, and competitor product analysis;
7. Assist in the formulation of company product and brand promotion programs and supervise implementation.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communication engineering or electronic information;
2, have successful large customer development experience, rich customer development and market development experience is preferred;
3. Has more than 10 years of experience in sales and management of communication power products;
4. Have sensitive business and market awareness, strong ability to analyze problems and solve problems, and have excellent resource integration capabilities, market development, leadership, resilience and business promotion capabilities.

Purchase position

First, the procurement engineer
Recruitment number: 3 people

1. Responsible for the procurement of materials (such as material inquiry, contract drafting, material reminder and quality control, reconciliation, etc.);
2. Responsible for the handling of abnormal materials in the procurement, abnormal feedback processing of the production line and improvement of results;
3. Responsible for the development, evaluation and capacity audit of new suppliers;
4. Implement the company's procurement standardization process, maintain existing suppliers, develop and evaluate qualified suppliers;
5, for each order to collect information, inquiry, price comparison, bargaining and other work follow-up, procurement contract formulation, signing, scheduling delivery and tracking arrival date;
6. Complete other matters assigned by the superior.

job requirements:
1. College degree or above; 2-3 years of procurement experience in the communications industry;
2. Familiar with supplier evaluation, cost analysis, order processing, delivery reminder and handling of abnormal matters;
3. Have a certain understanding of the production process and manufacturing cost of the purchased materials;
4. Strong execution and anti-stress, careful work, strong sense of responsibility, good professional ethics and professionalism.

Second, the purchasing manager / supply chain manager
Recruitment number: 1 person

1. Search, data collection and development of new products and new material suppliers;
2. Assess and certify the status of the new supplier's quality system (capacity, equipment, delivery date, technology, quality, etc.) to ensure the supplier's superiority;
3. Negotiation with suppliers and negotiation of bargaining;
4. Investigate and understand the development direction of the industry, regularly analyze the trend of the material market and establish a database to adjust the procurement plan according to the development trend of the industry;
5. Responsible for implementing procurement according to the company's procurement strategy and material requirements to meet the material requirements of each product line; and assisting in the development of new materials and suppliers based on material requirements;
6. Track and control the price changes and quality of raw materials market in a timely manner, improve product quality and reduce procurement costs;
7. Responsible for the day-to-day management of the department and coordination and communication with other departments.

job requirements:
1. Majors in electronics, communication, etc., bachelor degree or above, proficient in basic knowledge of communication or electronics;
2. Familiar with procurement process, supplier management process, product resource development process;
3. With rich supplier resources, it can effectively develop, manage, and develop procurement plans and budgets for suppliers;
4. Proficient in purchasing principles and cost control, with excellent business negotiation skills, good decision-making ability and planning organization ability.

Third, Purchasing Director / Supply Chain Director
Recruitment number: 1 person

1. Assist the decision-making level in formulating the company's development strategy, responsible for short-term and long-term corporate decisions and strategies in its functional areas, participate in the formulation of annual business plans, and organize the formulation and implementation of supply chain strategic planning;
2. Establish and improve the development, maintenance, tracking and evaluation system of suppliers and carriers, and reasonably control the procurement and transportation costs;
3. Optimize the supply chain system, optimize the supply chain process system, and establish and optimize the procurement plan, production plan, and warehousing logistics plan according to the marketing plan to ensure the timely delivery of orders;
4. Establish a scientific and reasonable inventory system and logistics distribution system to reduce the cost of warehousing logistics; establish a supplier monitoring system to minimize supplier delivery, control quality and cost; and ensure the ability to meet the company's various objectives , so that the profitability of the supply chain continues to increase;
5. Combine business needs, carry out team building, and strengthen daily supervision, inspection and guidance, performance appraisal, etc.

job requirements:
1. Supply chain management, procurement, communication and other related majors, bachelor degree or above, experience in optical communication industry is preferred;
2. Familiar with supply chain strategy management, formulate supply chain strategy and goals, and support the company's consolidation strategy;
3, have team management experience, familiar with the supply chain talent echelon construction, can build a high performance team;
4. Strong communication and coordination skills and clear logical thinking;
5, there is a global awareness, system thinking, cost awareness.

Test post

Test Engineer
Recruitment number: 2 people

1. Responsible for the whole machine test, sample test and various tests required by the customer before the product is shipped, and issue a test report;
2. Conduct test plan development, test case design; test implementation and submit test report, version fault tracking and assist fault analysis;
3. Analyze the efficiency and quality problems in the product or R&D process, and give a closed-loop solution for the development, testing, manufacturing, and engineering processes.
4. According to the test results, analyze the quality of the product and issue a test result report;
5. Regularly summarize the test techniques and write technical documents.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics and communication;
2, familiar with the principle of electronic circuits, skilled use of electronic test and measurement instruments oscilloscope, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, etc.;
3. Familiar with test requirements and test methods for electromagnetic compatibility and environmental reliability of information technology products in IEC, national standards and industry standards;
4. Independently formulate test plans and plans, and complete test reports;
5, with strong communication, teamwork, organizational promotion, work is serious, meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, with good problem solving and independent work ability.

Product manager
Recruitment number: 1 person

1. Conduct market research on responsible products, including market analysis and competition analysis;
2. Collect, analyze, and manage product requirements, and conduct product planning and product definition based on analysis and requirements;
3. Do product pricing analysis, manage product prices, and continue to promote product cost optimization and control;
4. Organize product and solution materials to provide product support and training for customers and other functional departments;
5, Responsible for the technical exchange of the project, technical design, product selection and other pre-sales technical work.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communication engineering or electronic information;
2. More than 3 years experience in ODM and OEM project management or product management in electronic manufacturing, familiar with R&D, new product introduction (sample trial and factory) processes;
3. Strong market sensitivity and analytical ability, able to adapt to short-term business trips for program promotion and project support;
4. Excellent communication, learning, execution and teamwork skills.

Pre-sales technical support engineer
Recruitment number: 1 person

1. Responsible for market information collection, understand industry demand and development trends, formulate effective market strategies, and expand new technologies and products;
2. Responsible for the company's pre-sales support work, including technical exchanges with users, technical program preparation, technical program announcements, etc.;
3. Can independently complete technical related work such as project demand communication, project technical Q&A, on-site commissioning and implementation;
4. Responsible for the planning and implementation of product marketing strategies, assisting in research and development to maintain and improve products;
5. Conduct targeted technical and product training for sales personnel and users, and complete PPT explanations for products and programs.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communication engineering or electronic information;
2. Engage in pre-sales technical support work experience, understand the status and trends of communication development, and understand the related product technologies of communication equipment;
3, good at communication, with excellent ability to express and communicate, able to cope with the changing market environment and coordinate problem solving;
4. Have excellent organizational and coordination skills, and be able to coordinate the work between the market and R&D related departments.

Communication product manager
Recruitment number: 1 person

1. According to the company's business development needs, clarify the product development direction, complete the project report, formulate the development plan, and lead the various departments and partners to complete the product development work;
2. Produce market-competitive sales tools for sales, including product service and price system, product promotion materials, product service manuals, customer presentation slides, product test demos, etc.
3. Provide continuous vertical product support for sales and pre-sales teams for the products they are responsible for;
4. Actively propose new technologies and new product ideas and ideas based on industry and market development trends;
5. Responsible for the training of new products in the company, supporting external market promotion, including providing soft text promotion content, responsible for customer presentations, etc.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in communication engineering or electronic information. More than 4 years of experience in wireless communication product planning, and experience in well-known companies in the industry is preferred;
2. The relevant industries are rich in resources and have the ability to integrate industry resources;
3. Familiar with the characteristics and development direction of major technologies in related industries;
4. Strong market sensitivity and analytical ability, able to adapt to short-term business trips for program promotion and project support;
5. Excellent communication, learning, execution and teamwork skills.

The company provides competitive compensation and benefits (performance bonuses, regular medical examinations, annual travel, five insurances and one gold, weekend weekends, paid annual leave, communication allowances), strong professional training and broad career development space. For more information, 027-86633356