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5G Nano Cell new digital indoor solution
5G Nano Cell new digital indoor solution

5G Nano Cell new digital indoor solution
Integrated base station is a kind of small low-power enterprise-level base station, which is connected to the mobile core network through fixed-line broadband to provide users with LTE services. It is mainly used in small and medium-sized indoor places such as enterprises, offices, business halls and Internet cafes to quickly provide LTE capacity and solve the problem of low LTE signal coverage. Absorb hot spots, distribute macro network data, realize accurate and deep coverage, and improve network support for data service.


TD-LTE Nanocell Network  unit introduce

Nanocell : Provide cellular network access for terminal, and communicate with terminal through Uu port, and provide WLAN access, and communicate with terminal through WLAN module

Nanocell gateway: S1 to the signaling and data and Nanocell and network management between the message through IPSec encryption; When the number of Nanocell is large, Nanocell gateway can conduct the aggregation of S1 interface signaling surface according to the configuration, so as to reduce the signaling pressure on MME

Nanocell network management: manage Nanocell and Nanocell gateway, configure its parameters when Nanocell starts up, and manage Nanocell log, alarm and KPI during operation

Nanocell AAA: two-way authentication of Nanocell devices

Local gateway l-gw: the optional function of Nanocell, which can forward the user's data through the local network, access the IP resources of the local network, and reduce the IP packets delivered to the core network


Enterprise Nanocell

Td-lte and WLAN wireless access based on SOC chip;

Common antenna of WLAN 2.4ghz rf signal and LTE 2.3ghz rf signal;

Td-lteson algorithm, realize plug and play function;

The implementation of network transmission security strategy ensures the security of operation and maintenance;

L-GW function to realize data service identification and local shunt.




1. Product type: Integrated Nano Cell, Distributed Nano Cell;

2. Features: Intelligent Operation and Maintenance,accurate      weak coverage, flexible expansion, easy multi-frequency     multi-mode expansion, nTnR MIMO;

3. Topological mode: star, cascade;

4. Application Area: Medium-sized office, Square, Hotel, Store, Retail, etc.