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Intelligent integrated emergency power supply system PSU-2248P10MD/NB/GPS
Intelligent integrated emergency power supply system PSU-2248P10MD/NB/GPS
Intelligent integrated emergency power supply system PSU-2248P10MD/NB/GPS

Program introduction

The PSU-2248P10MD is a newly developed outdoor integrated power supply that provides backup power for outdoor equipment.

PSU-2248P10MD high efficiency and high power density, using natural heat dissipation for heat dissipation, small size and light weight, is a new, efficient, reliable and energy-saving power supply system, especially suitable for micro stations, AAU and other end stations, and can be used with power supply equipment. Installed on the same pole to meet the rapid construction and rapid deployment;

The PSU-2248P10MD includes a power supply unit and a battery unit. When the utility power is normal, the power supply unit supplies power to the device and simultaneously charges the battery of the battery unit. When the utility power is lost, the battery unit supplies backup power to the device through the power supply unit.



The program features

Efficient and high energy

High protection level: IP66;
High efficiency rectifier module: efficiency >95%;
Power port surge protection capability up to 20kA;
Adapt to the all-weather working environment: -40 ° C ~ +55 ° C;


Intelligent monitoring

Support mobile APP maintenance;
Support WIFI local wireless access;
Remote monitoring supports wired monitoring and wireless monitoring;
Wireless monitoring support LTE MODEM or NB MODEM;
Support independent network management systems, or access third-party network management systems of operators; 


Customized on demand

Optional ODF unit to increase smart access control function;
Optional GPS positioning module to locate the device in real time;






No. Item Technical Data Unit/Remarks
Basic Functions Rated input voltage 220 Vac
Input voltage range 90~264 Vac
Input frequency 45~60 HZ
Power factor ≥0.99 PF
≥0.98 PF
≥0.96 PF
Rated output power 1000 W
Power Efficiency ≥95 %
Battery rated capacity 10/20 Ah
Battery rated energy 0.512/1.024 KWh
Maximum sustained discharge current 35 A
Protective function Surge protection 20 KA
Battery overvoltage protection 58.5±0.5 Vdc
Battery over temperature protection 65
Power over temperature protection 90
Short circuit protection possess Long-term short circuit
Battery heating function possess Start below 0°C
Mechanical property Power unit volume 400×300×90 mm
Power unit weight 10 kg
Battery unit volume 400×300×90 mm
Battery unit weight 15 kg
Installation method Pole,wall-mounted compatible  


Expansion method

The PSU-2248P10MD adopts a modular design, with a button connection between the modules, supporting non-inductive expansion, and one-shot installation space problem;

Networking mode

The system can be connected to the independent energy management center or directly to the repeater network management system. The device supports wireless Modem or NB-IOT communication mode, which can realize remote real-time monitoring, monitoring and alarming; the device supports WIFI connection and can be accessed by mobile phone. Field connection maintenance, networking mode refers to the following figure: