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Basic structure of optical modules simple classification of optical devices
Basic structure of optical modules simple classification of optical devices
As the saying goes, "a penny and a share of goods", in order to value things, shop around is definitely the only way for quality buyers! How does the purchase of optical modules exert the power of fire eyes? Let us come today to the essence of this!

The basic structure of the optical module consists of the following parts: Optical device + main chip + PCB + resistor / capacitor + electrical interface + housing

Comparative analysis of advantages:

According to the iteration of the product, the optical device market is mixed. In this era of mixed resources, how to avoid falling into the shoddy trap? Let's simply classify optical devices based on usage:

New optical devices: After the domestic chip package/imported chip package, it turns into TO, and is processed and equipped with adapters and pins to break into optical devices.

Used optical components: Optical module products that have been eliminated from foreign data centers, removed PCBs, and re-flowed back to the market for circulation.

There is no data to define the new and old parts of the device. Only long-term use can find the problem of the product. In the long-term high-temperature work, the life of the optical device is continuously lost. Therefore, although the price of the disassembled optical device has a very large advantage, there is a great communication hazard in use, resulting in interruption of signal transmission and great waste. The post-maintenance cost and time of the communication system.

Bad optical devices eliminated by large factories: Since the maintenance of optical devices requires a lot of time/equipment and manpower, some powerful leading companies in order to improve production efficiency, abandon defective products, and eliminate some bad optical devices, so that Other companies have a good circulation channel, buy through low prices, re-screen and repair, and re-enter the market, no doubt adding a vitality to the circulation market!

Main chip: Imported chips/domestic chips are highly concentrated in the market, such as Macom/Maxim/Semtech/Marvell Marvel/UX.

PCB: From the selection of the main chip, to the PCB design, it does not infiltrate the engineers' innumerable efforts and sweat.

PCB production from laser imaging, high-precision impedance testing, Hengtai Tongguang communication PCB partners have precipitated 15 to 20 years of experience, these details for the product in the application environment to shelter from wind and rain. Every nuance will be outstanding. In order to facilitate the identification of customers, PCB will screen ROHS and UL certification marks, and it is another milestone in product standardization and technological progress!

PCB copper, its significance is to reduce the ground impedance, improve the anti-interference ability; reduce the voltage drop, improve the power efficiency; and connect to the ground to reduce the loop area. Suppliers rarely seldom subdivide the details of these products, or even limit the use of materials, which is the principle of "a penny and a share of goods." In order to ensure the signal stability and anti-interference ability of the optical module, the R&D engineers of Hengtai Communication Co., Ltd. designed 3-4 layers of copper for our optical modules.

Resistor/Capacitor: In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers have greatly reduced the amount of resistors and capacitors. In some harsh applications, the function of the resistor/capacitor protection circuit/buck/divide is continuously reduced. Precise circuit design and reasonable resistor/capacitor layout can improve product performance (there is a picture).

optical modules

Gold finger as the signal transmission messenger, composed of a variety of golden conductive contacts, Hengtai Tongguang Communication gold finger gold plating requirements: 0.38um hard gold, with high strength resistance to plugging. As the saying goes, the golden monument is not as good as the customer's reputation. The customer said that it is really good. Through the high-strength plug-and-pull test, Hengtai Tongguang Communication's customers have proved that the number of plug-ins and removals of our optical modules can be controlled at around 10,000 times, ensuring more durable use of the products.

The outer shell of the zinc alloy is like every piece of our clothes. Is it fit? Is the pull ring fastened and is the electroplating paint resistant to oxidation? Is the plugging smooth? "The road is far from knowing the horsepower, and it will be seen for a long time." If the product is good, let the time come to witness, and the quality of the product will be discovered along with the use cycle. The market will wash every floating factor, Hengtai Tongguang Communication carefully pours every detail, carefully selected materials, carefully designed, carefully manufactured, and used with confidence!


After everything is in place, it only owes packaging.

Only you can't think of it, there is nothing we can't do!

Feature 1: Customize boxes of different sizes to avoid heavy volume in international cargo transportation and save freight costs for customers.

Feature 2: Do you worry that your “love wrap” will be ruined in transit? Don't worry, when the goods are packed, we will put the fillers up and down, left and right, and let the products be fully protected.

Feature 3: Whether it is independent packaging, 5 or 10 packs, Hengtai Communication is available for you to choose. Who makes you God?