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Chinas three major operators 5G brand LOGO released, winning the 5G battle
Chinas three major operators 5G brand LOGO released, winning the 5G battle
Chinas three major operators 5G brand LOGO released, winning the 5G battle

[China Mobile] On the afternoon of June 25, 2019, China Mobile held the "China Mobile 5G+" conference, officially announced the official LOGO of China Mobile 5G+.

China Mobile 5G+ LOGO consists of the infinity symbols “∞” and “5G” and “++”. The 5G “∞” symbolic image reflects the infinite possibilities of changing society, and symbolizes the concept and vision of China Mobile's 5G openness and sharing; The two "+" signs in the upper right corner of "5G" mean that China Mobile's 5G+ plan will bring value to the industry and individuals. The two "+" numbers grow from small to large, expressing China Mobile's continuous development and leading the development of technology. Change the firm belief and positive attitude of society.

[China Unicom] On April 23, 2019, China Unicom released a brand new 5G brand logo "5Gn" and the theme slogan "Let the future grow".

Unicom's new 5G brand "5Gn" puts the lowercase letter "n" in the upper right corner of the 5G in the form of a corner mark. Red 5G points to the theme, while China Red is also the color that Unicom has consistently used, reflecting the continuation of the brand. “n” is the first letter of the English number, which represents the era of digital recording and the first letter of near (distance). Close range. It can also be the first letter of "number", "near", "need", "network", etc. It has the meaning of digital age, close distance, satisfaction, new network, etc., and also has infinite possibilities. The slogan reflects the vitality of Unicom's 5G as a new thing.

[China Telecom] On September 13, 2018, China Telecom officially launched the Hello 5G Action Plan. China Telecom's 5G brand LOGO and slogan "Encourage the Future" also officially unveiled.

 China Telecom's 5G logo consists of capitalized "5G" and "hello". "5G" is composed of two colors of China Telecom brand standard color. The "hello" text is placed on the upper right side of the "G" character. Joining Hello represents the arrival of the new 5G digital society. It also expresses that China Telecom welcomes industry partners to jointly develop 5G ecology. Open cooperation attitude.

[Ministry of Industry and Information Technology] The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said, "Before the end of the year, all mobile phone users will be free to transfer their numbers. You are not satisfied with one company, and choose another one to provide services for you with your number."

The so-called port number transfer network is also called number portability, and the transfer number is not changed. For example, a mobile phone user holding a China Mobile number can transfer to China Telecom or China Unicom without using the mobile phone number, and enjoy the telecom operation services provided by China Telecom or China Unicom.

The 5G license issuance, the 5G brand logo is released, and the port number transfer network is about to be implemented nationwide. Before the arrival of the 5G commercial era, operators have tried their best to build up users' barriers to the network. However, even with a variety of soft and hard signing bundles, it is impossible to block the off-network requirements of users with high network quality awareness requirements. At this point, building a network-based service advantage has become increasingly important. It can be said that the more serious the network homogenization, the more obvious the special needs of some users for network perception.

Who do you choose as a user? How will you save a surge as an operator? Welcome comments!