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EXFO Optinet 2019 Introduces Industry's First Optical Xplorer™ Fiber Optic Tester
EXFO Optinet 2019 Introduces Industry's First Optical Xplorer™ Fiber Optic Tester
Optinet, the largest and most professional optical communications industry event in China, was held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing. As an invited exhibitor, EXFO has an independent booth at this seminar. The latest Optical Xplorer™ fiber optic tester was presented at the booth, which is easy to use, validates fiber links in seconds, and automatically detects further when suspected, designed for installation Service activation and repair, the advantage of uninterrupted service testing of single-mode fiber links up to 40 km in all applications.

Optical Xplorer™ is not only an improvement of traditional test instruments, but a new means to support the installation and commissioning of fiber optic networks. It has strong intelligence to greatly improve work efficiency, ensure work quality and shorten fault handling process.

Optical Xplorer™ Fiber Optic Tester

The product uses a number of patented technologies and is a turning point in the fiber testing industry. Instruments that are often equipped by front-line technicians need to make trade-offs in cost, functionality, and complexity. With an understanding of customer needs, EXFO has developed this revolutionary new test tool that is easy to use and suitable for the needs of first-line technicians. This instrument will definitely improve the customer's return on investment and satisfaction. This achievement can only be brought by industry experts like EXFO.

Optical Xplorer™ (O Bao) main features:
1. Display fiber length, loss and optical return loss (ORL) in less than 3 seconds by single-ended testing;
2. Use EXFO's patented Fault Xplorer technology to detect and locate common causes of failure on the spot;
3, intelligent equipment: no need to set up, become the basic optical link identification instrument in any first-line technician toolbox;
4, built-in power meter and light source;
5. Patented EXFO Advisor 5-star rating: Qualitative test method for evaluating fiber links;
6. Pass/fail tester for daily installation and maintenance work;
7, saving cost of ownership: life-time calibration, using EXFO's patented Click-Out plug-in fiber optic connector, so there is no need to return to the factory;
8, using rechargeable batteries, can be used continuously for more than 10 hours after full charge;
9, 3 year warranty.

Fiber links can be verified in seconds and automatically detected when there are suspected problems. Improve quality of service (QoS) and mean time to repair (MTTR) by speeding up fiber deployment, simplifying turn-up processes, and improving repair reliability.

Optical Xplorer™(Obao) main application:
1. The last mile/access network of FTTx;
2. Data center;
3. FTTH point-to-point link;
4, 5G fiber deployment;
5. Optical fiber quality testing;
6, power test;
7. Insertion loss and optical return loss test;
8. Fiber break positioning;
9, fault identification and positioning (welding, connectors, macro bends) and so on.

A new generation of testers to meet future challenges:
The test methodology requires major changes to keep pace with the ever-accelerating fiber deployment. Optical Xplorer was designed from the ground up to meet future challenges and simplify testing. With Optical Xplorer, processes can be streamlined, reducing the cost of on-site delays and increasing problems.

In response to the ever-increasing fiber deployment challenges, EXFO designed the Optical Xplorer, the industry's first true optical link identifier – a new dedicated test tool that enables first-line technology. People can do more tasks while reducing OPEX and CAPEX.

Only EXFO has been backed by more than 30 years of fiber testing expertise, leveraging the intelligence gained in partnership with major operators, network builders and all of the world, to truly achieve innovation.