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"Italian Tower Sharing" in the 5G era in Europe
"Italian Tower Sharing" in the 5G era in Europe
"Italian Tower Sharing" in the 5G era in Europe

In the past, operators sold wine, and later sold the wine as beer. The days passed were not as good as one day, and now even the grape fields and grape racks had to be rented out.

In order to survive, the largest tower company in Europe was born.

Not long ago, Vodafone, the multinational telecommunications giant that owns and operates communication networks in 25 countries around the world, announced a major event – ​​stripping tower assets and establishing Europe's largest tower company.

The newly-born tower company has an estimated 61,700 towers in 10 countries in Europe, of which about 75% are from major European telecommunications markets such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain, and are expected to bring 1.7 billion to the Vodafone Group each year. Euro income and 900 million euros in profits.

As soon as the news came out, Vodafone stocks soared and investors cheered.

“We are creating the largest tower company in Europe,” said Vodafone CEO. “Given the size and quality of the communications infrastructure we have, we believe there is a great opportunity to create value for our shareholders.”

However, it seems that the good things that are all happy, but behind the helplessness of this multinational telecommunications giant, also reflects the embarrassing situation that global operators are currently facing.

Looking at Vodafone’s financial statements, it’s not too much to describe it. Mobile data traffic is rising year after year, but revenues are falling.

Under the dilemma of the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the fierce competition in the flow price war, and the continuous decline in income, Vodafone made a choice but to survive. Can look at the global operators, how many are not the case?

From the sale of the tower to the realization of the tower is really thirty years of Hedong thirty years of Hexi

It is worth thinking that Vodafone is not selling the tower assets, but to realize the tower assets.

Vodafone said that the establishment of the tower company will increase the tower rental ratio and operational efficiency, enhance the valuation and liquidity of the tower assets, and plan to achieve the tower assets through IPO listing, public offering or sale of a small amount of equity within 18 months. Realize.