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On the value of a optical module package
On the value of a optical module package
"Everything is done, people do their jobs", each post has the ultimate value, and the design of each optical module box has its reasonable value. As a result, the optical module package came into being, and it became an indispensable part for the safety of optical module transportation.

Just like a cleaner, although it is inconspicuous, they are indispensable in life. There are always some silent people in every neat street. Therefore, there is always a box that knows its size behind the high-quality light module, either stand-alone or ten-pack, which can always play their biggest role. Every angle and every inch of design deserves to be respected. Because of them, 10G, 40G, or 100G optical modules can have a safe place.

One to one cent, all are learning; between the squares, there is a conclusion. Every batch of goods is poured into countless hours and sweat.

v Concise / fast and easy to sort

v Use anti-static function, green, imported packaging paper material

v Standardization, diversification (individual installation / ten packs), rationalization, multiple shock and pressure reduction protection

v According to the international express delivery billing method (contrast volume / weight), choose the best packaging, save money and save your heart

v Rainy film will become another protective barrier

The details highlight the quality and also demonstrate the service attitude of a company. In addition to high-quality optical modules, a company's after-sales service and technical support are also crucial. In the early hours of the morning, the office is still bright, the computer that receives all kinds of information, and the sound of squeaking in order to respond to customers, just to give you a one-stop service, FiberHTT strives to do better. ! Choosing FiberHTT is the choice!