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Optical module solution allows the industry chain to speak
Optical module solution allows the industry chain to speak
The recent field of optical communication is a surging tide. From various mergers and acquisitions cases in the industrial chain, various new product solutions targeting the 5G pre-market are released from optical module optical devices, which also indicates that the industry is moving toward a new pattern. , new market.

On Saturday, the II-VI acquisition of Finisar was approved by the Chinese government, which made the big event of the sensational industry really come to an end. Some colleagues in the optoelectronic industry believe that the barbarians came to the door of the optical communication home, taking a big snack to see the direct demand for optical modules in the 5G era, and the huge demand for indirect pulling of consumer electronics in the 5G era!

Yesterday, Cambridge Technology acquired 30 million shares of Haiguangxin, and CIG said it will cooperate with Haiguang Xinchuang to promote the supply chain. Fully grasp the development opportunities, take advantage of the potential to expand the market, and strive to provide higher performance and adapt to future high-capacity, high-speed, long-distance transmission optical module products for 5G networks.
Both mergers and acquisitions are for the 5G transmission market, especially for the 5G optical module market.

Looking at the new products, Chengdu Guangchuang Union Eugenlight launched Eugen-flexD128, a product platform that supports 12-wave 5G forward-passlight TOSA. It is based on single-channel 28Gb/s speed direct-adjusting DML, using automated technology, hermetic packaging, and built-in refrigerator. The TEC adjusts and locks the wavelength. By changing the laser chip/CoC, Eugen-flexD128 supports both 12-wave MWDM and 12-wave LanWDM6 5G forward transmission requirements.

Coincidentally, Mingpu Optical also announced the launch of a 12-wave cooling LANWDM optical module solution on the same day, which can not only solve the requirements of China Mobile's 160MHz spectrum for 25G wavelength channel, but also meet the requirements of China Mobile's innovation by monitoring the signal. The need for Open-WDM pre-transmission semi-active system applications.

Optical fiber online believes that 5G needs to seriously consider the problem of the real landing of the base station. It is compatible with the existing 4G base station to judge the specific scheme standard of the 5G preamble. It should be "efficient matching, large granularity, easy deployment in the field, easy to implement technology. Directly connected to the provincial optical fiber, the industry matures low cost!" To put it bluntly, the 5G pre-light optical module solution should let the industry chain speak, listen to the voice of the industry chain! Not only need to consider the cost, but also need to consider how to use the existing industrial base and industrial resources to carry out product solutions that can be industrialized.

In a recent time, when the optical fiber online editing team communicated with China Mobile's related personnel on the 5G deployment and the 5G pre-transmission network, the relevant personnel said: Which 5G pre-transmission scheme China Mobile specifically adopt depends on the industry chain, even in public. The specific solutions mentioned are also only a sneak peek. I hope that manufacturers in the industry chain can share the most suitable solutions with us.