QSFP+ 40G PSM4  SMF 1310nm 10km
  • QSFP+ 40G PSM4  SMF 1310nm 10km
QSFP+ 40G PSM4 SMF 1310nm 10km
General Description

The HQP40G-PSM-LR4 is a parallel 40Gbps Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) optical module. It provides increased port density and total system cost savings. The QSFP full-duplex optical module offers 4 independent transmit and receive channels, each capable of 10.3125Gbps operation for an aggregate data rate of 41.25Gbps 10km of single mode fiber.

An optical fiber ribbon cable with an MPO/MTPTM connector can be plugged into the QSFP module receptacle. Proper alignment is ensured by the guide pins inside the receptacle. The cable usually cannot be twisted for proper channel to channel alignment. Electrical connection is achieved through a z-pluggable 38-pin connector per MSA requirement.

The module operates with single +3.3V power supply. LVCMOS/LVTTL global control signals, such as Module Present, Reset, Interrupt and Low Power Mode, are available with the modules. A 2-wire serial interface is available to send and receive more complex control signals, and to receive digital diagnostic information. Individual channels can be addressed and unused channels can be shut down for maximum design flexibility.

The HQP40G-PSM-LR4 design is compliant to QSFP+ Multi-source agreement (MSA) in terms of form factor, optical/electrical connection and digital diagnostic interface. It has been designed to meet the harshest external operating conditions including temperature, humidity and EMI interference. The module can be managed through the I2C two-wire serial interface.